Simple file sharing

Do you need to send large files via email? Are you tired of using third-party services like Dropbox or WeTransfer? With, we give you the power to send up to a whopping 10GB with every email. Sign up today and discover just how easy it is to send large files!

We keep your files safe

Your files are precious to you - we understand that. It's why we take extra care to protect the content on our servers. If you're looking for extra security, we can even offer your very own dedicated server and 'Private Email Network'. Your data, and your clients' data, is safe with us.


Send up to 10GB

Whether you're a graphic designer or an architect, a video producer or a lawyer, we know how important it is to share large files. We can take the frustration out of file-sharing, by giving you the ability to send a whopping 10GB per email. That's right - no more time spent on resizing files, zipping folders, or using third parties like Dropbox - simply join our service and start sharing large files the easy way.

Greater security

Our mission is to keep your files safe, and our secure email service offers you the protection you need when sharing content online. If you're looking for additional reassurance, we can also offer a 'Private Email Network' (PEN). With the EU's General Data Protection Regulation on the horizon, securing your data, and your customers' data, has never been more vital. Speak to us today about setting up a PEN, to give your staff additional protection when sharing valuable and confidential information.